Hank III /Gothic Theater, Englewood, Co

My husband Johns favorite band is Hank III. Tonight, they played at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Co. I was planning on just dropping John and Green off in Englewood and going home cause I have to work in the morning. As we were driving down Colfax, I saw the full moon looming large over head and I had a feeling. full-moon-1-11-2009



So we picked up Green and Kelly, and headed south on Broadway. On the way there, they talked me into going to the concert. We get to the Gothic, and there was a huge crowd outside waiting to get in. Sure enough, it was sold out. DAMN! People were scrambling trying to score a ticket. Right away, at the front of the theater, I saw an old friend Marc.  I had that feeling again. Green and Kelly were cold, so they headed to the bar next door. John was  bumming that we couldn’t get  tickets, he was ready to go to the bar too, but I said, lets hang out and see what happens, I have a good feeling.  Within minutes, we ran into about 10 old cool ass friends we have not see for YEARS!

Our friend Dennis walks up and Holy Shit we havent seen him in at least 10 years. So he tells us he can get one of us in. I told John to go and have fun and I went to the bar to meet   Green and Kelly. I ordered us a round, thinking we would be there a few, and John walks in with another ticket! Dennis the menace hooked us up with 2 tickets (for FREE) and people were trying to buy them outside for 150! Right fuckin on!


I have heard John’s Straight to Hell album and liked it, but didnt think it was my thing. They KICKED ASS TONIGHT!  I have to say that it was the best show I have been to in a long time.



If you get the chance to see them live GO! You will not be dissapointed. Get your tickets early!

They have a few dates left on their website coming up


Englewood, CO
Gothic Theatre
Kansas City, MO
Beaumont Club
Sauget, IL
Little Rock, AR
Downtown Music

They has a 2nd set with AssJack which was cool as hell too!

Best night out I have had in a long time!!


~ by jldono2 on March 11, 2009.

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