Job Hunting 101


Luckily (Thank God!) I have been able to hang on my job that I have been at for the last 10 years. Some of my friends and family have not been so lucky. I know quite a few people who have been laid off from their jobs, including my husband, so it is hard!

Watching the news every day is quite depressing-people are being laid off daily all over the country. I have been watching
for jobs- they have a few each day, but I notice there really is not much going on for people in construction. My husband posted an ad himself, looking for odd construction jobs, but so far there has been no calls.
According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, health care, education, government, food services and drinking places, and IT categories have gained jobs this year. It seems people in construction just may need to broaden their field and try a job in another field. In times of recession it’s sometimes a good idea to adapt basic job skills to a new profession.

According to,

they say to get real about the time it will take to find a new job.

“In this current job market, I tell clients to expect it to take at least three months to find a job that pays $40,000. Add one month for every $10,000 more you want in salary. In other words, if you are looking for $80,000 a year, expect it to take at least seven months to find a new job.” 

 Don’t be passive, don’t fall into a defeatist attitude. Keep your eyes open and think outside of the box. Network! Search the job sites daily and post those resumes! Try not to get depressed about it either. You need to be projecting a positive attitude- You’ve got plenty to offer! They are going to be lucky to hire you! Take what you can get, even if its a step down. It is better to have a so-so job now, so the paychecks start coming in, and you are still gaining valuable experience.

happy_sign.jpg depression image by sandrakayhernandez

You will be on the road to happy in no time!


~ by jldono2 on February 14, 2009.

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