Happy Valentines Day!

So today is Valentine’s day. Any big plans? Or has the current economy put a damper on your day? Here are some great ways to make a  Valentine for your loved one, CHEAP!

http://www.theromantic.com/stories/valentines/main.htm has some great ideas, her husband once spray painted in the snow “I LOVE YOU”. How cute is that?

I found this website with some more great ideas, I ALWAYS like to make custom Cd’s for my friends and family, wouldn’t that make a great Valentine?


Driving through my neighborhood of Lakewood Co., I saw that one of my favorite restaurants, DINO’s, has a Valentine special of lasagna dinner for 2 with wine for 15$!!! We are going there for dinner!

I think tonight after we get our cheap on at Dino’s, we will be hanging out at home playing us some scrabble. See full size image


John and I have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of the diamond edition!  Its great fun to have friends over to play when you just cant afford to go out! I think I will pick up a bottle of wine and we will be set!

Hope you all have a great day!


~ by jldono2 on February 14, 2009.

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