Hank III /Gothic Theater, Englewood, Co

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My husband Johns favorite band is Hank III. Tonight, they played at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Co. I was planning on just dropping John and Green off in Englewood and going home cause I have to work in the morning. As we were driving down Colfax, I saw the full moon looming large over head and I had a feeling. full-moon-1-11-2009



So we picked up Green and Kelly, and headed south on Broadway. On the way there, they talked me into going to the concert. We get to the Gothic, and there was a huge crowd outside waiting to get in. Sure enough, it was sold out. DAMN! People were scrambling trying to score a ticket. Right away, at the front of the theater, I saw an old friend Marc.  I had that feeling again. Green and Kelly were cold, so they headed to the bar next door. John was  bumming that we couldn’t get  tickets, he was ready to go to the bar too, but I said, lets hang out and see what happens, I have a good feeling.  Within minutes, we ran into about 10 old cool ass friends we have not see for YEARS!

Our friend Dennis walks up and Holy Shit we havent seen him in at least 10 years. So he tells us he can get one of us in. I told John to go and have fun and I went to the bar to meet   Green and Kelly. I ordered us a round, thinking we would be there a few, and John walks in with another ticket! Dennis the menace hooked us up with 2 tickets (for FREE) and people were trying to buy them outside for 150! Right fuckin on!


I have heard John’s Straight to Hell album and liked it, but didnt think it was my thing. They KICKED ASS TONIGHT!  I have to say that it was the best show I have been to in a long time.



If you get the chance to see them live GO! You will not be dissapointed. Get your tickets early!

They have a few dates left on their website coming up


Englewood, CO
Gothic Theatre
Kansas City, MO
Beaumont Club
Sauget, IL
Little Rock, AR
Downtown Music

They has a 2nd set with AssJack which was cool as hell too!

Best night out I have had in a long time!!


Danzig to be in next Rock of Love?

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So I found this tasty tidbit on the internet today, check it out!


PRESS RELEASE VH1/Viacom Corp. For Immediate Release Jan. 12, 2009 New Season of Rock of Love to Feature Metal Legend Glenn Danzig VH1 announced today that producers are now filming a new season of Rock of Love featuring metal/punk/horror-core legend, Glenn Danzig. The new show, which will premiere this July, is called “Rock of Love: Bride of Satan with Glenn Danzig.” Danzig is well-known in metal and punk circles as one of the founding members of 1980s horror-core punk rockers Samhain. He went on to the form hard-rock band Danzig, which scored several top 40 hits in the late ’80s including “Mother” and “She Rides.” Both a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Danzig is also well-known for his interest in the occult and all things evil. VH1 producers stated that introducing the element of Satanism would inject new life into the Rock of Love franchise as well as reach a different audience niche — jokingly referred to by insiders as “the black market.” The new series will follow the traditional Flavor of Love/Rock of Love format with a group of 20 women vying for the affection of the celebrity musician. However, at the insistence of Mr. Danzig, the winner will enter into a legally-binding marriage with Satan in a ceremony that is sure to test the limits of basic cable censorship standards. Although network executives are keeping a tight lid on the show’s planned shenanigans’, a few details have been leaked about planned challenges. These include: goat entrail soup and chili cook-off blindfolded nun deflowering contest sexy séance strip-a-thon virgin or family member: the sacrifice challenge name that heretic #####




This sounds like my DREAM TV show!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

Modest Mouse review-Boulder Colorado

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sinkSo I went to see Modest Mouse at the field house in CU Boulder. My friend Jen got me a ticket for my birthday, so we made the trip down to Boulder last night. We went to the Sink for dinner and drinks before the show. The Sink is a cool bar, with good food. That was the highlight of our night, seriously.

After dinner we made it over to the Field house in the middle of the college campus.  We were not aware that there were 2 opening acts, so we got there at 8. First bad thing, they were not selling beer! And there is no where to sit in this field house-its just a long place with a track around it. So we made our way towards the front. The first band was ok, they looked very young- but they were ok. I did not catch their name. The second band was young also, and very serious. I dont think they ever told us their name. They reminded me of My Morning Jacket. They were good, but the music was pretty slow, and standing there for an hour and a half in a hot sweaty field house was getting real old real quick. Especially since we could not even get a cold beer. LAME!!


Modest Mouse made us wait at least 45 mintues before they came on stage. The crowd was booing everytime another “filler song” started. It was getting ridiculous really. It reminded me of the time I saw Metallica with Guns and Roses back in the early 90’s. Metallica put on a great show, then GnR made the crowd wait for at least 2 hours. When they finally came on stage, Axel Rose sang one song, got pissed off – threw the microphone and stormed off stage. Slash ended up singing after that. I left at that point, as did most of the people in the crowd.

So anyways, back to Modest Mouse. First let me tell you I have been a fan of theirs since I discovered them about 5 years ago. I have all of their CD’s and I have seen them in concert now 5 times. The first two times I saw them, at the Fillmore in Denver, they were awesome. Put on a really great show. The last 2 times I have seen them now I have been VERY disappointed. I saw them at Red Rocks about 2 summers ago, and Issaac Brock, the lead singer/guitar player, went off on some tangent about something, he came across as a crazy man to me. I did not enjoy them at all at Red Rocks. I had high hopes last night though, as I made my way to Boulder. I was hoping that night at Red Rocks was just an off night. They hit the stage last night starting off real strong, but in the middle of the 1st song, Issaac knocked his microphone stand over, almost flung his guitar off of him and was yelling “fuck you” to someone in the crowd. I was near the front, and did not see anyone doing anything that could have pissed him off, but whatever, it was entertaining. They played “Doing the Cockroach” which sounded pretty good. They played “Paper thin walls” too. Between each song, Issaac was hugging and talking to the other guitar player, and it seemed to take about 10  minutes in between each song, and people were getting irritated. It sucked standing there for that long, then having him jack around on stage instead of playing music! After about the 2nd or 3rd song, it seemed like he was playing something other than the rest of the band was playing, and the other members of the band were looking at him very concerned. It was very sad. I dont know if Issaac is just crazy or on drugs, but something is definetly off with him and it  is so sad. We left after the 4th ten minute break between songs.  We just couldnt watch it anymore. I hope that he gets help, he is a briallant singer, songwriter, guitarist.


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I broke my leg 2 years ago getting off of the Norway Lift at A-basin. Not fun. I definetly do NOT reccommend it. absin-lift      Anyways, I made my way back up there yesterday for the 1st time since that fateful day.

It was sooo much fun!! Of course I still suck getting off the lift with my board, but I didn’t hurt myself, and I can still do it! Breaking my leg was the worst accident I have experianced in my life time, and I really did not know if I would ever go snowboarding again. Of course I have to thank my friend Valimg_2171. She took me up to Loveland on Friday and bought me a lift ticket. It was so windy on Friday it was insane. So my first time on the lift we had to ride up in 100mph winds!  Needless to say, I only did 1 run on Friday, but it got me back up on that horse! abasin I cant wait to get up to the mountains again!!


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How I would love to go on a vacation right now. Its been cold here in Colorado, and it would be great to be able to go somewhere warm and beautiful. Italy has always been a place I would love to visit.


I checked out Expedia.com to see what kind of deals are available to fly from Denver to Italy. I have always wanted to see Palermo, Italy. On Expedia, I found a vacation package, leaving DIA and arriving in Palermo with reservations at Sport Club Portorais Hotel. The Sport club is in Sirini , Italy, is beachfront and 5 kilometres from the medieval Carini Castle. 182_castello_cariniFor 8 nights, it came to 2,283.48. That sounds fabulous! If only I had the money 😦



So I can’t afford Italy, how about Ft. Meyers, FLA?

Warm and sunny, and a bit closer to home. On Expedia, I found a flight and hotel reservation, staying at the Neptune Inn, which overlooks 300 Ft of white sand beachesneptune-inn-ft-meyers.                                                                                                                                           The total cost of roundtrip tickets and hotel reservations comes to 2613.50$ (for 2 people for 7 nights)

So its cheaper to go to Palermo, Italy? The funny thing is, its a straight thru flight to Italy, the trip to Ft. Meyers has a layover in Dallas!! That would leave me an additional 330$ for spending in Italy!

Guess I better start playing the power ball!


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Job Hunting 101

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Luckily (Thank God!) I have been able to hang on my job that I have been at for the last 10 years. Some of my friends and family have not been so lucky. I know quite a few people who have been laid off from their jobs, including my husband, so it is hard!

Watching the news every day is quite depressing-people are being laid off daily all over the country. I have been watching
for jobs- they have a few each day, but I notice there really is not much going on for people in construction. My husband posted an ad himself, looking for odd construction jobs, but so far there has been no calls.
According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, health care, education, government, food services and drinking places, and IT categories have gained jobs this year. It seems people in construction just may need to broaden their field and try a job in another field. In times of recession it’s sometimes a good idea to adapt basic job skills to a new profession.

According to cnn.com,


they say to get real about the time it will take to find a new job.

“In this current job market, I tell clients to expect it to take at least three months to find a job that pays $40,000. Add one month for every $10,000 more you want in salary. In other words, if you are looking for $80,000 a year, expect it to take at least seven months to find a new job.” 

 Don’t be passive, don’t fall into a defeatist attitude. Keep your eyes open and think outside of the box. Network! Search the job sites daily and post those resumes! Try not to get depressed about it either. You need to be projecting a positive attitude- You’ve got plenty to offer! They are going to be lucky to hire you! Take what you can get, even if its a step down. It is better to have a so-so job now, so the paychecks start coming in, and you are still gaining valuable experience.

happy_sign.jpg depression image by sandrakayhernandez

You will be on the road to happy in no time!